Hochstetler's Haven

Rare-breed (Heritage) and Backyard Poultry & Nigerian Dwarf Goats
This is also the home of Hochstetler's Hoppers Rabbitry

This is what happens when you've enjoyed 4-H and grown up.  Our family farm raises a wide variety:
  • Chickens:  purebred Black Jersey Giants, Delaware, Silver-Laced Sebright, Silkie
  • Ducks:; Indian Runner, Buff, and Pekin Ducks
  • Turkeys:  Narragansett
We do offer for sale:  fertilized eggs, young and mature breeding stock.  Contact us for availability.  

Hochstetler's Haven is a member of the National Poultry Improvement Plan (NPIP).  Our NPIP status is Pullorum Typhoid clean.

Eggs for eating.  $1.75 for large/extra large chicken eggs per dozen.  Available on West Noble Street in Wolf Lake (turn at the basketball court). If the blue cooler is out, there are eggs...if it isn't, you are welcome to come to the front door to inquire. Duck eggs are available for $3.00 per dozen.

                                                                                   We are also a breeder Nigerian Dwarf Goats and show quality New Zealand White Rabbits

Hochstetler's Haven is also the home of Hochstetler's Hoppers Rabbitry.  
We raise 
  • New Zealand Whites (award winning, from the top national breeding lines!)
  • Blue-Eyed White Polish rabbits
  • Holland Lops